Art Exhibition

The works of Romina Pernigotte, "The New Tango Narratives" (The New Tango Narratives) series, will be exhibited at the venues.

  Nuevas Narrativas Tangueras
   (The New Tango Narratives)

  April 6th to 9th, 2023.

  Nishitetsu Hall / TIEMPO HALL

The series "New Tango Narratives" intertwines tango dance and visual arts.
The visual and the corporal, the individual and the collective, combine to give rise to the theme addressed in this graphic series. Movement, line and color are the inquiry tools in this search.

The images are permeated by the art of luthiery as a symbol of deconstruction of this historical moment. The luthier disassembles the bandoneon with love, to restore what is valuable and discard the obsolete parts that no longer work in the gear. Today, in the same way, a large part of the tango community activates and transits that sieve that motorizes the validity of the tango genre.
The drawings embrace primary communication through physical contact and the body dialogue of tango dance. Scenes emerge about the poetic modes of interaction and play between tango dancers and musicians in the heart of the tango machine, the milonga.

Through the images a tango worldview is built in which the musical instruments do not resist, they are willing to disarm, they surrender to listening, to fusion with other bodies. They open up to otherness and the possibility, necessary and urgent, of resilience, empathy and transformation.

Collective work from dance, pedagogical practices with a gender perspective together with colleagues and graphic production are, in my daily life, the great transformation device. Through affectionate and free tango embraces, where the traditional roles are blurred, to give way to a dialogued dance.

In recent times, urban landscapes discovered from the isolation and rescue of relegated iconic forces have appeared.

The New Tango Narratives invite you to feel and think about tango from other logics. To rewrite history, giving new meaning to legacies, making healthy ruptures and deepening a genuine, empowered lineage of tango that is in the making.

  This exhibition is considered of interest for the promotion of Argentine culture abroad by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship - Directorate of Cultural Affairs.

  Romina Pernigotte  
- Visual artist / Tango dancer -

She began to paint and dance tango in the 90s. She trained in both areas since she was a teenager. She works with the interaction of the artistic languages that inhabit her, drawing and tango. She is dedicated to teaching tango dance and illustration.

She has a degree in Visual Arts with a Drawing Orientation from the UNA National University of the Arts, visual artist, tango dancer, Illustrator, researcher and teacher. She is co-founder of the Aires del Sur Tango collective dedicated to research on pedagogy with a gender perspective in tango dance and co-founder of Autoras Tangueras, a collective that brings together women from different disciplines who have shaped their studies on the tango genre through the publication of books.

She published the books “Tango en devenir. A dance, pedagogical, aesthetic and political project from a gender perspective" together with Aires del Sur Tango in 2021 and "Tango. Equilibrios y desequilibres" in 2018 independently, from which they created the interdisciplinary project "Dancing a book " workshop that combines the languages of dance and drawing.

She was curator of the virtual exhibition "Tango and visual arts" projected at the CCK Kichner Cultural Center within the framework of MICA Mercado de Industrias Culturales Argentinas and at the CCC Cultural Center for Cooperation. She exhibited her plastic work in art spaces in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Germany. She illustrated books for publishers in Argentina, Spain and Guatemala. She received the “Silver Dog” distinction at the VI Imagenpalabra Illustration Salon in Bogotá. Her thesis “Urban Tours. Narrating with images” was recommended by the jury to be disseminated in the chairs of the UNA National University of the Arts.

She was a finalist in the 1st Tango Dance World Championship, Salon Tango category in 2003. Since then she has been performing dance exhibitions and giving tango classes uninterruptedly at Aires del Sur Tango, at festivals, universities, milongas and cultural venues in Argentina, Italy, Mexico and Chile.

Fue finalista del 1er Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango, categoría Tango Salón en el 2003. Desde entonces realiza exhibiciones de danza y da clases de tango de manera ininterrumpida en Aires del Sur Tango, en festivales, universidades, milongas y espacios culturales de Argentina, Italia, México y Chile.

She works on all of her projects with the crossing of the languages of tango and visual arts.