Private Lessons

Don't miss the opportunity to take a private lesson with the dancers participating in the festival this year.


Los Totis
Price (1 hour): ¥20,000

Jonatan & Yasemin
Price (1 hour): ¥20,000

Cristian & Nao
Price (1 hour): ¥17,000

Ezequiel & Chizuko
Price (1 hour): ¥17,000

Lucas & Paula
Price (1 hour): ¥17,000

Ernesto & Paola
Price (1 hour): ¥17,000

If you would like to take a lesson from other pairs, please contact us.

  Ernesto Borgonovo
  Shinji & Natsune
  Rodrigo & Natsuko
  Daniel Liu & Joy Chi Wang

  Leonel & Florencia
  Akiyoshi & Noriko
  Ou & Chaco
  Takashi & Megumi

  Tzu-Han & Kyoko
  Sumire & TAMAI
  Lily & Raymond
  Angel Aritta & Lorena

Available dates and times

April 7th to 9th, 2023

Choose the date and time you want to take the class, except from 11:50 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  The following cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation after registering for the private lesson..
-- Cancellation policy --
    [ From April 1, 2023 ]   3,000 yen of handling charge
    [ 3 days before the class ]  50% of the total price of reserved lesson.
    [ Two days before to the day ]   100% of the total price of reserved lesson.


Please contact TIEMPO informing the date, time and the name of instructors you want.
* Depending on the availability of the instructor and the dance studio, we may not be able to accept your application on the desired date and time. It is advisable to request the reservation with two or three options of desired dates and times.
[ Payment ] Before the lesson on the day, please pay in cash at the reception.

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