sakura tango festival 2019
in fukuoka
- Abrazo de Asia -

March 28th to March 31st, 2019

Tango Passion Blossoms in the East

Enjoy four days of workshops, milongas and after parties featuring inspiring artists and marvel at the beauty of Japan's cherry blossom season.

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We are planning for you to have cultural experience of Tango through workshop by worldwide dancers, authentic artists, Tango party for Tango lovers, Milonga, and Tango show, art, food in the electric building "Mirai Hall" and the dining and event space "Tiempo Hall".
More information to be announced.


Tango Show

Dance Workshops

Workshop for dancers
by La Petit Social del Tango

Art Exhibiton

First Steps Free Classes

* We will announce you as soon as each program details is decided.

March 28th (Thu)      Venue: TH Tiempo Hall
12:00 - 17:00 Private lesson    TH
16:50 - 18:10 WS:   #AL1: Analia & Luis    TH
WS:   #JA1: Joel & Agueda    TH
18:30 - 19:50 WS:   #AL2: Analia & Luis    TH
WS:   #LV1: Los Veliz    TH
WS:   #JA2: Joel & Agueda    TH
20:15 - 24:00 OPENING MILONGA   TH
March 29th (Fri)      Venue: MH Mirai Hall    TH Tiempo Hall
11:00 - 13:00 Private lesson    TH
13:00 - 14:20 WS:   #JA3: Joel & Agueda    TH
WS:   #LV2: Los Veliz    TH
WS:   #GM1: German & Magdalena    TH
14:30 - 15:50 WS:   #GM2: German & Magdalena    TH
WS:   #LV3: Los Veliz    TH
WS:   #AL3: Analia & Luis    TH
16:00 - 17:20 WS:   #JA4: Joel & Agueda    TH
WS:   #AL4: Analia & Luis    TH
16:00 - 17:00 Dance Lessons for Beginner    TH   Instructors: Ariel Yuryevic
18:00 - 22:30 SAKURA MILONGA    MH
22:00 - 02:00 AFTER MILONGA    TH
March 30st (Sat)      Venue: MH Mirai Hall   TH Tiempo Hall   THT Tiempo Hall Terrace
11:30 - 12:50 WS:   #GM3: German & Magdalena     MH
WS:   #AL5: Analia & Luis     MH
13:00 - 14:00 Dance Lessons for Beginner    TH   Instructors: Ariel Yuryevic
13:00 - 14:20 WS:   #GM4: German & Magdalena     MH
WS:   #LV4: Los Veliz     MH
13:00 - 14:10 Workshop for dancers by La Petit Social del Tango "Musicality, development of musical listening"     TH
14:30 - 15:50 WS:   #LV5: Los Veliz     MH
WS:   #JA5: Joel & Agueda     MH
16:00 - 17:20 WS:   #AL6: Analia & Luis    TH
18:00 - 22:30 GRAND MILONGA    MH
23:00 - 03:00 AFTER MILONGA    TH
March 31st (Sun)      Venue: MH Mirai Hall   TH Tiempo Hall   THT Tiempo Hall Terrace
11:00 - 12:20 WS:   #AL7: Analia & Luis    TH
WS:   #GM5: German & Magdalena    TH
WS:   #JA6: Joel & Agueda    TH
12:30 - 13:50 WS:   #LV6: Los Veliz    TH
WS:   #GM6: German & Magdalena    TH
14:00 - 15:20 WS:   #LV7: Los Veliz    TH
WS:   #GM7: German & Magdalena    TH
15:00 - 17:00 Tango Show: The 4 Seasons of Tango    MH
18:00 - 22:00 MILONGA - Abrazo de Asia    MH
22:00 - 02:00 AFTER MILONGA   TH

Exhibition at MIRAI HALL

Yuki Higuchi


 March 28th to March 31st, 2019

Exhibition at TIEMPO HALL

Angeles Herrera

from Buenos Aires



It is a pleasure to be invited to this 5th Sakura Tango Festival.
I want to thank Tiempo Iberoamericano for giving me this wonderful opportunity to experience this beautiful aventure - the creation of a work art along with great artists -Elisabet Cury and Shinya Mori.
E.C., an Argentinan plastic artist and a photographer, generously offered photographs of the streets of Buenos Aires, where you can observe Tango occur. And this is the point of departure for many of the art works I have created for Sakura Tango.
I digitalized the photos. Then afterwards, together with Shinya Mori-a Japanese Plastic artist-who lent his magic touch, we transformed the photos into a pictorial language.
The result is our work entitled “Posters” - an elaboration of community as is the Sakura Tango Festival and everything carried out in Tiempo Iberoamericano. (Angles Herrera)

 March 28th to March 31st, 2019
 Tiempo Hall



Independent, Visual Arts Professor; Plastic Arts Artist, Art Educator and Creator of Mosaics.


Exhibition "AFICHES"

Venue ・ Access

Click Here to download a printable Route Map between two venues. (   PDF file)


   Denki Building MIRAI HALL

Denki Building 4F, 2-1-82 Watanabe-dori, Chuo, Fukuoka 810-0004
  0120-222-084   /     Access

"MIRAI HALL" is located in the 4th floor of the electric building where is in business zone of south Tenjin "Watanabe dori square". The hall where has flexible and functional space accommodates about 500 people and has newest equipments such as relaxed and high graded lobby space of about 380㎡, and the roof garden. You can dance in the wooden floor space. Also, the public wireless LAN is available in the lobby.

   Dining Event Space TIEMPO HALL

3F Daimyo11511 Bldg., 1-15-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0041
  092-762-4100   /     Access

Located in Daimyo, next to Tenjin.
Daimyo is very convenient and lively area. Workshops and milongas are held in this venue.
TIEMPO HALL is our home, were we will hold all workshops and seminars, Wednesday & Thursday’s milongas and all After Milongas.
It has a great and cheap restaurant on the 5th floor and a fantastic terrace that also will held some of the activities.

   Café Restaurante SANCHO PANZA

5F Daimyo11511 Bldg., 1-15-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0041
  092-762-4110   /     Access

On the 5th floor, just above TIEMPO HALL, you can find SANCHO PANZA, a cafe restaurant managed by Tiempo Iberoamericano. During the 6 days of the Sakura Tango Festival when many tangueros will be together from all over Asia, Sancho Panza will be filled with tango atmosphere. Enjoy chorizo, milanesa, empanadas with a glass of malbec at SANCHO PANZA !
It will schedule many free tango music performances, the place to chat with your new friends.


General organizer: NPO TIEMPO Iberoamericano

3F Daimyo11511 Bldg., 1-15-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0041

  092-762-4100  |   092-762-4104

  Monday to Friday: 12:00 - 22:00
Weekend and National holidays: 12:00 - 18:00

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