Workshop for dancers by La Petit Social del Tango
"Musicality, development of musical listening"

Application closed. (March, 28th, 2019.)

We propose the individual study of some of the most important tango orchestras.
Generate an idea prior to what the rhythm of accompaniment of each tango will be like so, in real time, to be able to interpret each piece with more rhythmic precision.
Learning who to follow in music when dancing is very important. During this Workshop we will develop that skill so that we can understand a little more detailed the rhythmic sections of the orchestras.
Mauricio (the pianist) will give examples with steps of dance, so you will be able to practice with him.

  Saturday, March 30th, 2019.   13:00 - 14:10


  2,500 yen

1. Brief presentation of the instrument
2. Examples with live music
3. Marcatto in 2/4
   » Disarli style
   The example would be the white two black and four black combination
   » D'arienzo style
    Marcatto in four
   » Troilo
   Combine both rhythmic styles
4. Learn to dance according to the character
   » Contrast between rhythmic and melodic sections
   » Melodic phrases, breaths



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La Petit Social del Tango

This group is based on traditional arrangements, recalling Orchestras such as Carlos DiSarli, Florindo Sassone, Juan D'arienzo, De Angelis, Troilo among others.
As a special event we have a small set of "chacareras", musical rhythm of the country side with guitar and violin.
Throughout these two years "La Petit Social del Tango" has participated in different festivals and milongas in countries such as Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Norway, France, Switzerland, among others.
Fortunately he has other great elements within the orchestra, Mauricio Vuoto experienced tango pianist David Merlín virtuoso violinist.
All the members have a long musical experience in tango as in other musical styles.
In short, this Orchestra will leave you wanting to continue dancing all night, as we will experience a beautiful communion between musicians and dancers.



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