Lecture by Hideto Nishimura "Present and future of Argentine tango - his observation during 30 years"

  Saturday, April 8th, 2023.
 Starts: 13.00



Mr. Hideto Nishimura, who has been dedicated to the selection, commentary and parallel translation of Argentine tango CDs for more than 30 years, will present the artists of tango music who are actively performing today, including notable artists who They will visit Japan this year.


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  Hideto Nishimura 

Part-time professor at Nagoya University (Spanish), co-representative of PaPiTa MuSiCa.

For more than 30 years, he has dedicated himself to the selection of songs, commentaries and parallel translation of lyrics for Argentine tango CDs.

He is currently in charge of a tango history course at the NHK Culture Center in Nagoya, and is also dedicated to organizing, supporting and interpreting events related to Latin American music.

He is a counselor of the Tango Academy of Japan, a member of the National Tango Academy of the Argentine Republic, and a certified advisor of the Yerba Mate Association of Japan.