Special Workshop

  Introduction to the bandoneon and experience with Bandolica by Natsuki Nishihara

  Saturday, April 8th, 2023.
 Starts: 12:30



"Bandolica" is an electric bandoneon born in Argentina.
In this special workshop, the bandoneonist Natsuki Nishihara introduces us to this instrument and you can also try playing it. It will be an interesting experience for the first step of learning the bandoneon as a new instrument.

About Bandolica


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  Natsuki Nishihara 

Born in Okayama.
In 2014 she visited Buenos Aires with the intention of staying for a short period of time, but she was fascinated by tango and has been living there for 9 years now.
Currently, she is the exclusive bandoneonist (soloist) of the tango show "Tango porteño" in a large theater located in downtown Buenos Aires.
Her activities are currently based in Argentina, and she participates in numerous projects and recordings in the United States and Japan as well.
She composes and arranges music and has her own solo project.
In order to spread Argentinian culture in Japan, she has expanded her range of activities in many ways, including her contribution to Newsweek's "World voice" and her appearance on J-Jam the planet. wave.