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A documentary about tango, tradition, originality and University.



As a commemoration of the 10 years of activity of the Tango Orchestra of the National University of the Arts (UNA), the documentary “Una Década” was released on November 30, 2020, with the special participation of Susana Rinaldi, José Colangelo, Cristina Vázquez, Roque de Pedro and many more.

“Una Decada” is not only the story of how Tango flourished and developed in the fertile space of the National University of the Arts, but it also sensitively presents us with the complexity of the frameworks that make up the place of Tango in culture. On November 30, 2010 chords of the Tango Orchestra UNA (National University of Arts) sounded for the first time. That concert would mark the beginning of a series of events that would put in tension the limits between popular music and academic music, as well as the relationship between tradition and originality, highlighting the multiplicity of meanings that Tango is capable of assuming.

Direction: Ariel Pirotti and Zaida de Pedro
Original Idea: Ariel Pirotti
Original Music: Ariel Pirotti

Ariel Pirotti

Ariel Pirotti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a pianist, composer, arranger and an orchestra director. He is graduated in the bachelor’s degree of Musical Arts from the National University of the Arts (UNA) in Argentina.
He was granted and awarded by the National Fund of the Arts (FNA), and received the “Gobbi de Oro 2011”,Prize awarded by the National Academy of Tango.
He was invited by the Argentine Music Orchestra “Juan de Dios Filiberto” as solo pianist and participated as arranger in the 100 years of the Tango song tribute concert. He has participated in several international festivals, European and Latin American Tours and has given concerts in important Buenos Aires halls and the rest of the country.
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La Orquesta de Tango de la UNA

The orchestra, made up of students and very young musicians, tries to evoke the sound of the great typical orchestras that flourished in the golden years of tango from a renovating aesthetic with its arrangements and interpretations. With the first album "El Rejunte" (2015) with guests such as Susana Rinaldi, Horacio Ferrer and Juan Carlos Cuacci, they received the Gardel Award for Best New Tango Artist. In 2016 they released their second album "Mixturas" which Ernesto Baffa, José Colángelo, María José Mentana, Oscar Kreimer, Juan Alberto Pugliano and Lautaro Mazza participated as guests. They performed on various stages in Buenos Aires and was nominated for a Latin Grammy 2017. In 2018, his third album "Impresiones Porteñas" was released, all of them available on digital platforms such as Spotify.


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